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When you make Deposit using Cryptocurrencies you need to wait at for 1 confirmation from Blockchain Network to be credited balance automatically by our system.
Yes, we give to all users 10% on each Deposit, which can be used to purchase on store.
You can find all type of tools like Accounts: Dating,Shopping,Shipping,VPN,Food,Gaming,Antiviruses,Licenses - Stuff: RDP,SMTP,SSH,cPanel,Webmail,Leads,CEOCFO,AWS SES - Tutorials: Hacking,Cracking,Spamming etc.
Don't worry, we will cover that part it's enough for you to make request of tools or accounts as per your needs, we will help to fulfill your request as fast and secure by notify our Sellers. Then you will be notified when Sellers added the tools/accounts of your needs.